The Best Complete Event Planning Apps

The Best Complete Event Planning Apps 1

Event planning apps which are also known as event apps have become some of the biggest commodities in the event industry today. In almost every major conference or event, organisers are looking for providers of an event application that can be used by delegates. This comes as no surprise since there are a lot of benefits that can be derived from this type of mobile application. Attendees are becoming more tech savvy as well and they need to be stimulated to take interest in an event.

Here are three top features of an event planning app that you may want to apply to your next event:

1.) Offline functionality

Looking for a solution that comes with offline functionality? Read more about event planning apps for iPhone. Using mobile applications means that even if your attendees are not connected to the internet, they may continue to enjoy certain functions of the app such as seeing important event details, the floorplan, speakers, and sponsors among many others. Once they go back online, they may get automatic updates and new announcements from the event organisers. This keeps attendees always updated towards and during the day of the event.

2.) Organised diaries

If you would want to help attendees organise their diaries, your best bet is: an event app. For conferences where there are many opportunities for meetings and simultaneous sub-events, the application may be used as a scheduler to make sure that attendees can meet all their commitments. Reminders may also be delivered through push notifications. Before a certain session, for example, attendees will get a notification straight from the app that they should be at a certain place.

3.) Networking capabilities

Last but not the least, event apps can be used as networking platforms. As long as the application supports in-app messaging and matchmaking capabilities, attendees can interact with one another before, during, and after the event. This is particularly helpful for business and professional conferences where attendees go for the networking opportunities that may come their way. The app will practically let an attendee know who else are in the event – along with their basic user information – and strike conversations through messaging.

The Best Complete Event Planning Apps 2

Those are only some of the features that may be enjoyed through the best complete event planning apps. If you organise big-scale events, there’s more reason for you to invest in the latest event technologies. This is one way to improve your branding and the user experience of your attendees.

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